2022 Contest Judging Information

Friday, March, 3, and Saturday, March 4

This year the contest will be held inside Franklin Hall, home of The Media School at Indiana University. Franklin Hall (601 E. Kirkwood) is located directly north of IU’s Sample Gates.

All INPA events will take place in Franklin Hall Room 304C.

During the day on Friday, the City of Bloomington provides metered parking near Kirkwood Avenue just off of the Indiana University campus ($1/hour).

After 5 p.m. on Friday and all day Saturday, free parking is available at the two Indiana University parking lots located directly north of the Von Lee theatre (do not park in a R-Reserved or SV-Service Vehicle spot). In addition, parking is free during the same period in the Poplars Parking Garage on Sixth Street.

From these parking locations, it’s a 2-5 minute walk to Franklin Hall.

Friday, March 3rd

4:00 p.m. Multimedia Finalist judging
~4:30 p.m. CPOY Judging
~7 p.m. Judges Presentations

Saturday, March 4th

1. *Spot News (22)
2. News Story (12)
3. Sports Action
4. Pictorial
5. Feature Story
6. General News
7. Portrait Personality
8. Sports Story
9. Sports Feature
10. Feature
11. John Alhauser
12. Community Awareness
13. Sports Portfolio
14. POY
15. Best of Show

*The judges may not follow this list exactly and may jump around to different singles categories if they choose to do so.

Near noon, where ever that falls in the judging order, there will be a lunch break.